Weekly Ligger: Sandra Shevey

A new feature, one suggested by some of our more active readers, was a weekly post highlighting a particularly menacing London ligger. We think this is an excellent idea and after reviewing your submissions, one name stood out: Sandra Shevey.

Sandra Shevey


Shevey first came to prominence on Twitter for her extreme(ly) bizarre views and downright banal rants. Since then, she’s become a fully fledged member of London’s ligging scene showing up to every event you can think of, provided there’s food, and has perfected the art of eating and talking non-stop, without taking so much as a breath.


The ultimate canapé chaser, Matthew Steeples has termed her the “Turbo Ligger” which is very appropriate. Please be vigilant and keep a lookout for this crazy lunatic. Don’t believe us?  Here’s a sample of today’s missive.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Ligger: Sandra Shevey

  1. Oh not her again, she’s a nightmare! Always tweeting us asking whether we’re having any events. She’d be the last person we’d tell. I’m not sure what she actually does. Apparently she gives walking tours, no idea why she keeps wanting to come to our venue showcases. It’s got nothing to do with walking,


    1. Agreed, her Twitter feed is off the scale. It’s just one missive after another. Always moaning about not making any money and it being the fault of the CIA or Google for pursuing an anti-American agenda. In reality, as anyone who’s met her will tell you, the reason no organisation wants anything to do with her, is that she’s madder than a March hare.


  2. Yes, this woman came to our showcase earlier this year. Said she was a journalist and had been invited, but we could find no record of her. She made such a fuss and was clogging up the line, that one of my colleagues just let her in as we thought she might be good for some publicity. Later on we found out she’s not really a journalist after all and she doesn’t write anything, unless you count Twitter.


  3. Sandra Shevey is deluded and quite mad. In her own words:

    “I get paid zilch for most blogs and features. Thus I expect to be watered and fed if and when I attend.”

    So she readily attends events for the free food and drink, yet claims not to be a ligger.

    And then there’s this extraordinary claim, that she “generated over 5 thousand pounds of pr for the Burgundy region in France” adding that she “should be wined and dined by France until the cows come home.” Talk about deluded!

    The icing on the cake is that she claims she “should also receive the French medal of honour.”

    I’m surprised she doesn’t demand a Pulitzer Prize, for fiction no less.


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  4. This is a public warning to all those who may encounter this woman. Turn around and run, as fast as you can! She is a complete nutcase. She talks in this high pitched, annoying voice that just grates on your nerves, and that’s before you even get to the drivel she’s spouting. First she’s an author, then a journalist, then a lecturer, curator, tour guide, film historian, events planner, travel writer . . . who knows what else she’s claimed to be. She will talk, and talk, and talk, for hours about absolute rubbish. And when she’s not talking, she’s eating and oftentimes both at once. Just look at her Twitter feed to see how insane she is. It’s just gobbledegook. Please do not give this woman any access to your venue, event, contacts, or emails, as she will run amok and leave a trail of destruction in her wake. You have been warned. Deal with her at your peril.


  5. This is all lies and fascist filth spread by the American spy Matthew Steeples and the American Google. This is selective targeting of bona fide journalists. I am not a ligger, I have been writing for over 50 years and this is slander. There are legal issues here I intend to follow up on. Who’s paying you to write this muck? This is gutter journalism.


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