Weekly Ligger: Gordon Owen

Following on from last week’s post, another name has been suggested by readers: Gordon Owen.


There’s definitely something wrong with Owen as anyone who’s seen his absolutely hideous outfits can testify to.   He’s another one who loves to drink and gets the shakes when he’s not plastered.

Through GoCo Mice and Messrs G Owen & Co, Owen claims to be an “International Events Management Consultant” which is a fancy way of saying “will freeload in any country.” He also claims to write children’s books though I wouldn’t let him near my children.  Owen describes himself on Twitter as a “dynamic, multi-faceted, and proactive individual with an experienced strategic holistic approach.” What a load of tosh!

Having been identified at “Frankenstein’s Monster” via our earlier Blind Item, Owen is best kept away from the buffet and the bar . . . especially at closing time, as he’s apparently been caught stealing half drunk bottles of beer.


Many thanks for the reader who sent us this snap of Owen and an accomplice (no doubt hiding more beer).  At least we now know where he puts it.

Well known in ligging circles, Owen is part of a larger group of liggers, though even the completely batty Sandra Shevey seems to be distancing herself from his gang of gatecrashers.


When even the craziest liggers want nothing to do with you, you know your time is up! Time Mr Owen was retired.






4 thoughts on “Weekly Ligger: Gordon Owen

  1. Gordon is a lovely man, I’ve met him on several occasions and he has always been pleasant. I don’t know why he would be stealing beer. It just seems so unseemly and ugly to write this.


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