Industry blacklist emailed to conference attendees


We are in receipt of the industry blacklist recently sent to the Meeting Association Conference attendees.

Entries include a “’holistic events consultant’ whose website looks like it was designed by a five year old”, a “greasy haired, morbidly obese woman and her Scottish sidekick”, a “loopy and deluded nutcase who claims to be a journalist”, and a “’weasely looking man in a wrinkly beige suit’ and his ‘dull, slightly retarded partner’ from a non-existent company with an ‘under construction’ website.”


More predicable are the inclusion of a certain “bow-tied gentlemen” who claims to be a “wealthy Chinese businessman” and the sandwich shop owner who is “certifiably crazy and in immediate need of being recommitted to the asylum.”


Each entry contains names, aliases, photographs, contact details, and attendance history of the worst industry offenders who have crashed, blagged, mooched, and defrauded hundreds of organisations out of thousands of pounds of food, drink, transport, and accommodation. These frauds have had a good run, but their time is up.


Some have argued that the “name and shame” list is unprofessional.  We’re in two minds. To publish or not to publish, that is the question? Do we tip off these freeloaders that the industry is on to them, or let them slink away into the night, tail between their legs?


For the moment, we’ve decided not to publish, but should we receive details of repeated sightings of the worst offenders (perverts, predators, and child molesters), we might be persuaded to reconsider.



7 thoughts on “Industry blacklist emailed to conference attendees

  1. Absolutely not! As an original recipient, we’re not in favour of publishing this list, because for the first time, organisers have a chance to take meaningful industry wide action. Obviously these names were chosen and distributed for a reason. We’re told these are the worst offenders, not only in their own right, but terms of publicising (forwarding of emails) and bringing to your events the wrong crowd.

    So here’s our suggestion to organisers who have received this list. Just take the names out of your database, even temporarily. Don’t accept registrations from these people either as RSVPs or plus 1s just and see what happens. If the number of freeloaders and timewasters at your events decreases, then you’ll know who the “guilty” parties are. If you find other attendees trying to bring these people as plus 1s, then you know who the “weak links” in your guess lists are. Those you can deal with by either removal, or by taking them aside and explaining the situation.

    We are employing an immediate moratorium, albeit temporary, on all listed names and we shall see what happens. If successful, then we shall consider some form of permanent embargo. We’d urge all recipients to do the same. We believe failure to act will be more harmful than taking a sensible, measured approach, like the one outlined above.


    1. Agreed, though not sure how failing to name the likes of Denis Doble and Sandra Shevey will keep them changing their nefarious activities.


  2. It’s not the likes of Doble and Shevey that you have to worry about, or even David Pun. It’s the ones who pretend to work in events or to have any purchasing power who need to be unmasked. They may look good on paper, but hosting them at an event is a complete waste of time.


  3. Was the absurdly named “Dr Nastro” on the list? If so, and the recent article on the Steeple Times is to be believed, then distribution of the list seems to be having the desired effect.


  4. I think you should do a feature on fam trips as there are many liggers on these trips and organisers need to know who they are. People like Sylvia Mason, Linda Willmott, Audrey Brindley, Vicky Sweetlove, and the two losers from “A-List Events” (Sharpe and Mylonas) have no business being on these trips. They have no business at all! Please stop inviting these frauds! They will NEVER ever give you ANY business. They’re just old wrinklies out for a good time. Frauds, the lot of them!


  5. The worst of this gang of frauds is Toby Evans who has been banned from nearly every venue and event for being violent and attacking fellow guests. Evans and his freeloading companions are toxic individuals who engage in criminal activity to feed their thieving lifestyles. Anyone who associates with Turbo Ligger Evans have also been banned.


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