Nasti Neutralised!


A lot can happen in a week, but in a fortnight . . . well, it would seem almost anything is possible.  It would appear that since the list of the worst freeloaders, blaggers, and gatecrashers was circulated, ligger extraordinaire Dr Nastro,  a/k/a Papanastro, a/k/a Baron von Nasti, has been forcibly retired from London’s ligging scene.

Nastro was a particularly odious offender who, along with the incorrigible Frida Iggstrand and Anne Pigalle, crashed many a party over the years.  It would now also appear that he was well known for ligging wine at certain trade events.  We shall not be sad to see him and his litany of liggers go.

Hopefully, the others will follow suit.







3 thoughts on “Nasti Neutralised!

  1. I’ll believe it when I see it! These people are addicted, if not to booze and bowl food, then to the thrill of getting into some place they shouldn’t be. If it were this easy, they would have been eradicated long ago.


  2. Nasti and Frida were two of the worst gatecrashers operating in London. Good riddance to this awful pair of liggers. Perhaps David Pun, Sandra Shevey, and Melanie Rochester will follow suit!


  3. Nasti may have retired, but the rest of the liggers are out in full force. This week has seen appearance from the paedophile Toby Evans, the homeless Alun Harris, the Conde Nast fraud Ilanna Henderson, sexual predator Umesh Patel, mothball lady Deborah Brick, Gooby bag stealer ligger Ray, GLC’s Sally Russell, Feng Shui “consultant” Vicki Sweetlove, and the trio of uber liggertrixs Wilnda Wilmott, Debbie Hoskins and Moira Vance.


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